Want to be a writer?
  Barbara Sachs Sloan

Professional Editor, Story Analyst
and Writing Mentor

Barbara Sloan

You've seen her writing advice columns at Suite 101, Aylad's Writing Site and the late Ariana Overton's early sites. Now you can work with her in person and polish your novel manuscript so it gets you the publishing contract you've always dreamed of.

If for some reason your novel manuscript keeps getting rejected, Barbara Sloan's careful analysis can help you find out what's wrong and fix it, learn to stop making those amateur's mistakes and sharpen your writing to a professional level.

Or perhaps your novel is not written yet, and you want to learn how to write it. As time allows, Barbara occasionally offers fiction-writing courses and one-on-one mentoring. Contact her if interested in a program tailored to your specific needs. In the meantime, check out the Courses, Free Tips and Recommended Reading pages for links to some basic writing how-to information.

"Writing. We all can do it, and we think writing a novel should be easy. It isn't. Those of you who have tried getting your manuscripts published know what I'm talking about."
~Barbara Sloan

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