Want to be a writer?
  Barbara Sachs Sloan

The Writing Business Perspective by Barbara Sachs Sloan

Is there anything you're already really good at? Any life task: typing, housekeeping, cooking, car washing, babycare, staying organized, riding a bicycle, a hobby, a sport??

The point here is how do you react when you encounter a newcomer to that same area who shows you an early effort that you secretly realize is totally amateur compared to what you can produce? Don't you feel even a tiny bit of disdain, or maybe pity, for that person's clumsy attempts to do something you now regard as easy? Don't you have a set of standards by which you judge your own (and others') results in this area? Sure, you may feel nurturing toward this person, want to help, but what if there were thousands of beginners in that area all clamoring for you to love their work?

Well, it's the same in the writing business. Agents and publishers are inundated daily with manuscripts and requests to accept manuscripts from hopeful authors-to-be seeking publication but who will not be accepted because, simply, their manuscripts aren't as ready as these writers think they are.

The only way to rise above this glut is to sharpen your submission so it not only stands out but completely eclipses the competition. Let me help you do that. This is what I do, what I'm good at doing.

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